Our Story

Lobster established in 2020, but our love for fashion started in 1966, when we opened our first store in Thessaloniki. After 5 decades of active involvement in the field of fashion, we are able to provide quality products at the best market prices.

Our team consists of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals  in the fields of design , marketing and economics . This combination makes it a strong team who will always collaborate to find ways to bundle each other’s strengths to the benefit of the customer. What we have in common is our passion for fashion!

Our aim is to  create one of the world’s most widely range of premium fashion products , including apparel, accessories, for men and women, as well as childrenswear and home furnishings .

Feeling deeply responsible for the environment and our fellow human beings, the most fundamental principle of lobster is to provide environmentally and human friendly products & services.

The greatest reward for all the people of Lobster is the satisfaction of your requirements. Thank you very much for sharing every day with us your joy and excitement.

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Neo Rysio,
Thessaloniki 57001, Greece


Phone: (+30) 2312 317 583


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